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See You Later!

Over this past summer, I developed a loyal following for my weekly blog post. Folks logged-in by the tens to read about my misadventures and anxieties. But, as you may have noticed, my posts have been absent these past few weeks. And a couple of days ago, my most adoring fan (yes, it was my…

Let It Go

My kids are obsessed with all-things Frozen. They spend hours in their version of Arendelle—building castles, flying helicopters (obviously they take some creative license from the original plot line), and creating magical worlds. Kristoff likes to kick back with a beer (actually a vintage Barbie-sized Coke bottle, but kids know what they see; and in…

Brave Hearts

On a whim, after seeing a Facebook friend post a video of her son’s swimming success, I signed my daughter up for lessons. And if you know me, doing anything “on a whim” is completely out of character—I’m more of an “obsess, plan, obsess some more, regret making plans, and obsess again” kind of person….

About Calm Your Quills

I am just your average 30-something woman with two precocious kids, a (sometimes) understanding husband, and a dog with an auto-immune disorder and an overwhelming craving to eat poop.  The inspiration for this blog actually came from a very unlikely source – Gwyneth Paltrow. Just hear me out on this one. You’ve probably all seen her tone-deaf quote (and it may have even triggered a panic attack in some of you, too) about using our time in #Quarantine2020 to “write a book, learn an instrument or a language, or learn to code online, draw, or paint.” I thought, is this what everyone is doing??? I can barely keep it together most days. My kids are a mess. My house is a mess. I am a mess. So then I got to (over)thinking. (Big surprise there.) Am I doing enough? What is wrong with me? As I was spiraling out of control, I started writing down aspects of my tragic life. Then I started laughing. And Calm your Quills, was born. I hope it brings you a little laughter, as well.