Life is Good… Right?


I wrote a few weeks ago about the Facebook Motherhood Challenge. Since then, we’ve been inundated with pictures of everyone’s cherubic children showing off their most adorable moments (you’re not fooling anyone; we all know they’re the reason you drink). The latest craze on news feeds across social media is the Life is Good Challenge, depicting those special things that bring us joy. And joy is something we could all use about now, because 2020 has been a literal shit show—COVID-19, the collapse of the stock market and impending recession…and now murder hornets (go home 2020, you’re drunk). But there is still plenty of joy out there (right?), and this is an opportunity to remind ourselves that we’re #soblessed.

Shockingly (insert heavy sarcasm), no one nominated me for this particular challenge. Maybe because finding joy can sometimes be tricky for a worst-case-scenario type of gal, like myself. I’m not the one you come running to for a motivational pep-talk, but I am very handy when preparing for the apocalypse. Although now that we’re actually in the midst of the apocalypse, I realize what a fat lot of good I did—I mean, we’re almost out of toilet paper (which will shortly become our new currency) and I’m looking for Softsoap on the black market. (I’m clearly not the doomsday prepper I thought I was.) But I digress… back to the joy (see, I told you it didn’t come naturally to me).


They’re so comfortable and so versatile—you can dress them up, dress them down, and, depending on color and pattern choice, they can hide whatever bodily fluid your kids throw at you that day (pro tip: black hides a multitude of things, but NOT baby spit up). Plus, with a generous elastic waistband, I hardly even notice my quarantine-fifteen.


I live in the Midwest, so we’ve learned to never take a sunny day for granted—mostly because you never know when it might start snowing. Although now that I’ve reached my mid-30’s, I never leave the house without slathering head to toe in SPF50. #RetinolForLife

Heating Pads

Did I mention I’m over 35? Everything hurts and I’m dying. But seriously, my husband and I have his-and-hers versions, which we plug in side-by-side on the couch each evening. #KeepingThatSparkAlive


It’s so versatile. You can use it to keep your cocktail cold, chill a cooler of white claw, or hold it on your kiddo’s noggin to bring down that goose egg from taking a nosedive on the pavement.


Hahahahaha, just kidding. I don’t even know what that is anymore. I think it’s something that used to bring me joy… Now it’s just something to pass the time between staring at the ceiling replaying every stupid thing I’ve ever said since third grade, and waiting for one of my kids to scream bloody murder in the dead of night.


Delicious, fun, and so versatile. Chicken, beef, beans, lettuce, spinach, tomatoes, avocado, salsa, peppers, cheese—the combinations are endless, and there is something for everyone, all wrapped up with a delightful crunch. Plus, no one gives you weird looks when your kids eat them with their hands like they do when we’re having spaghetti (Judgy much, Karen?).

Taco Tuesday

So good, we have an entire day EVERY WEEK dedicated to the most perfect food known to man. Who says we can’t have nice things?

My Kids

My girls can find joy in literally EV-ER-Y-THING, and it truly is so fun to watch them together. They create elaborate imaginative worlds that I can’t even begin to understand (although from what I can gather, someone is usually a kitty); they explore our backyard, finding magical rocks and creating fairy potions; and they laugh hysterically together at jokes that I suspect are directed at my husband and me. Well, let’s be honest…(I hope) mostly my husband.

Time Away from My Kids

Sure, I love them to pieces. But sometimes you’ve just got to get some space. You know, like the 5 minutes of “me time” I get cleaning up the breakfast dishes while the dog licks syrup off the floor.


I know, I know. Glitter is like herpes—you never know exactly where it came from; once you get it you can never get rid of it; and even though you can’t always see it, you can safely assume at least half the people you meet have it on some part of their body. But look how pretty and sparkly it is! 

So there you have it. We still have plenty of room for joy in our lives. And although no one can say for sure what the post-pandemic world will look like when we all emerge bleary-eyed from quarantine, at the very least, we’ll always have Taco Tuesday…and glitter (because that shit can survive the apocalypse). 

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Melanie Pesta says:

    This was funny. I miss you ❤️


    1. Cindy says:

      miss you too, friend!


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