See You Later!

Over this past summer, I developed a loyal following for my weekly blog post. Folks logged-in by the tens to read about my misadventures and anxieties. But, as you may have noticed, my posts have been absent these past few weeks. And a couple of days ago, my most adoring fan (yes, it was my mom), asked about it. Apparently my band of loyal followers (all three of them) miss my irreverent take on life (or maybe they just missed laughing at me) and wonder what happened to my weekly blog posts.

What happened? I asked incredulously. 2020 happened! Well, more specifically, homeschooling. As you may recall, my husband and I made the (possibly misguided) decision to take our kids out of school and away from actual qualified educational professionals. Instead, my kids now spend their days learning their ABCs from a “suburban housewife” in a messy bun and threadbare leggings, who doesn’t know the first thing about early childhood education. 

The first few weeks of homeschool were pretty rough. I spent more time curled on the bathmat sobbing quietly (at least I hope I was quiet) into the wet towel hanging limply in the bathroom, than I did teaching any curriculum. I always knew sending my oldest to kindergarten would make me weepy, but this was not what I had in mind… 

Thankfully, we’ve moved on since then, and now I only fantasize about escaping to the bathroom for a breakdown a couple of times a week (#progress). But, between homeschooling, preparing nutritious meals for my family (do tater tots count as a vegetable?), cleaning the house, and finding time for a little self-care (read: drinking), I haven’t had much time to devote to writing. So, I’m taking a break for now. But not to worry, although I’m usually not a glass-half-full kind of person (I’m best known for my cynicism, not my cheerful disposition), I do have high hopes that someday, we’ll all get our lives back—my kids will go back to school, I’ll go back to writing, and you all can go back to regularly laughing at my ridiculous life. Until then, stay healthy, stay sane, and come back to see me again!

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  1. Marianne Zondlak says:

    Girl!!! Now….let’s hear your perspective about our NewNormal. Covid, Masking, Homeschooling, Shopping, Service, etc. Cindy, You have such rich writing and it’s a beautiful thing to take a moment and read your stories. HappyTrails and CarryOn! Love to all, especially that magnificent momma and grandma of yours! Your grandma is my Tom’s, Aunt JoAnne. She is my, SisterSuperior Aunt-In-Law, and one of my most favorite and Christ loving people on this earth. You two should get together for an article! We are coming to Michigan for Thanksgiving are you? Xo Marianne Zondlak

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    1. Cindy says:

      Thank you! I’ve really enjoyed the writing, and I hope to get back to it soon…. as soon as I get my sea legs with this homeschooling thing, or we send our girls back to in-person schooling (fingers crossed!), whichever comes first.

      We are actually back in the mitten, so we get to see Grandma all the time!!! She is definitely the best!


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